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Do You Know Durian ?

Durian Here we go ...the king of fruits. Why do we called it that? Because of the spiky shell sort of resembles a barb wire crown worn by the Kings? Or is it its intense odor ? Hmm ... I can't really provide the right answer but just like most Thai, Malay and Chinese people - I like this fruit !!!!

It's native to Southeast Asia, grown predominantly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The odor a cut durian gives off is extremely pungent. That's why in Thailand it is forbidden to bring durian into a hotel. A fully ripened durian can be extremely unpleasant because of the texture of the flesh. Two pronounced tastes appear: sweet and buttery and a custard-like taste. It has a big light brown stone, there are several stones in one whole durian.

Personally, I prefer the flesh that is not too mushy, tight from the outside and soft from the inside.

Very important when you cut open a durian:

1. Wear leather gloves!

2. Use a very sharp knife and cut lengthwise.

3. Scoop out the flesh that is now exposed (see above pictures).

4. Enjoy ... don't eat too much of it, as its calories density is extremely high.

5. Above all ... it is not advisable to consume alcoholic drinks with it.

There were 200 types of durian grown in the past in Nonthaburi, Thailand. But because of the disastrous flooding two decades ago, many acres of farm land got destroyed. Resulting a devastating impact on the limited durian business and discontinued the growth of many different varieties of durian. Luckily, the farmers could put all their energy and labor into growing three of the most popular durian types: 1.Kan Yaow - considered to be the most expensive type, impossible to find outside Thailand. All-time wanted ! 2.Mon Tong - delicious, buttery, the smell is less intense than ChaNee 3.Cha Nee - widely found in the markets when in season.

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