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Garlic Chives vs Onion Chives

I planted these two Chives in my little herb garden. Garlic Chives - they have a nice mild garlic flavor. Their white flowers blossoming on their skinny stems, elegantly. It’s pretty easy to recognize because of their flat leaves. They widely are used in Asian dishes such as dumpling as a stuffing, stir fried meat, flavoring and garnishing. They are an essential ingredient for Pad Thai, needless to mention.

Onion Chives - Their flowers are purple and the leaves are cylindrical shape. They grow like grass. We snip them to garnish the appetizers and many other dishes such as mashed potatoes, salad, and soup. They have oniony aroma. However, it’s hard for some people to differentiate between garlic Chives and onion Chives. Well, a good rule of thumb would be to smell and take a sniff of both Chives closely, it will help you to identify which one is which .


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