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"Uma, You were prompt, meticulous,made sure you adhered to all my instructions for special needs, and the food was amazing. Everybody enjoyed your dishes very much"

Giri R, La Jolla

"   Great service with a very delicious food!! "

    Jyoti R, San Diego 

Very delicious food & beautifully presented! Incredibly professional!


Gita S, San Diego

Oh wow! You are a marvel! LOVED everything you cooked. The desserts, main dishes, everything just WOW! And the homemade gluten ravioli was one of the most amazing things I've ever had. What a treat to have after all these years of not eating gluten to have RAVIOLI!! Wow! Thank you so much for everything. You're amazing.


Kari S, San Diego

Our friends really enjoyed the cooking class last week. So much fun to do this at home, and not in a stuffy classroom. What a good idea … no formalities, a lots of fun, and it’s amazing how much we learned. I really feel ready to start experimenting with real Thai cuisine very soon! Thanks again!


Mira T, Carlsbad

We were soooo happy with your class Uma! Not only were the classes excellent, but you were so good dealing with everyone. Our friends are from all over the world, and somehow everyone felt connected. It really shows that you have an extensive international background, and actually know a lot about local dishes in Spain, France and Singapore. Food brings people together, but in those classes you were the ‘glue’! Thanks for the great event.


Dominique P, Rancho Bernardo

When you say ‘healthy and organic’ and ‘authentic’ I can see you really mean it! The class was superb and all of us loved it, we’re all ready for the next one. What we enjoyed so much was that you’re very open and candid about where you can buy the real Thai ingredients in San Diego, and how you combine them. We have learned so much, time to put ourselves to work now! (☺)


Melinda T, Rancho Santa Fe

Well Uma, when we signed up for the advanced class, we thought it would be a walk in the park. After all, we experienced the introduction class with our whole group. But how much we have learned now! Now I feel much more prepared, much more ready to try and prepare Authentic Pad Thai Goong on my own. Your formula really works Uma!


Denise G, Del Mar

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Thank you Chef Uma! Words cannot express how thankful we are for having you cook for Justin's 40th Dinner party. The food you prepared in our home was amazing. You have a delightful spirit about you and we highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to have a dinner party or have you teach them how to cook. If anyone wants a reference, I'm happy to speak with them. All our guests loved you and your food. Love your fresh veggie rolls ... the mint and the sauce combination made my taste buds dance in my mouth. :) The flavor of all your dishes was absolutely exceptional.


Connie E, Murrieta

Uma, just letting you know how much my friends and I enjoyed your Thai cooking class! What a creative idea to organize a cooking session with girlfriends, learn and at same time have a lot of fun. Everyone was blown away and we’re absolutely ready for the advanced class. Not only was the class fun, but it was very well structured and very informative. Last but not least, we know that we learned ‘the real thing’, from someone who is actually born and raised over there. Delicious and authentic for sure!


Shelley G, Rancho Santa Fe​

Saturday evening was memorable for every single person who came to our house. The food was just superb! I was already very impressed with the preparation leading up to the event, but we could not imagine what a feast this would be. I never enjoyed so much dining in our own house, and entertaining our friends. Best thing of all … when I came into the kitchen after you left, it looked like you had never been there. What a great experience!


Christy R, La Jolla

The evening took us and our friends back to our vacation in Phuket, Thailand. It tasted exactly the same. We haven’t had this type of experience in any Thai restaurant so far, except of course in Thailand itself.


Richard B, Del Mar

Chef Uma always amazes my whole family by offering us all kinds of delicious meals inspired by foods from all over the world. From comfort foods to special occasions, her dishes are always well presented and absolutely wonderful!! Honestly speaking, it's way better than going to restaurants as she selects the freshest ingredients and turns them into amazing dishes!! She is the best and I can't recommend her enough!!

Akiko A, San Diego

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