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Rice - The Staple of Asia

There are so many different kinds available in the world. These are the types I use. Let’s get to know a little bit of their character, shall we?

#1. Arborio - Originated in the Northern part of Italy. Medium long white grain and starchy. People make creamy Risotto out of me

#2. Blended Wild Whole Grain - I’m whole grain and considered to be a pretty interesting type amongs others. Not only do i have different colors, but also I'm healthy and fibrous.

#3. Basmati - I’m white and kind of skinny. I love when people serve me with Chicken Biryani.

I play such an important role for Lemon Rice. I was born in India.

#4. Jasmine - I’m white grain, a little bright and shiny . Similar to Basmati but thicker and stickier. Floral aroma on the nose. I love to be served with all kinds of Thai dishes and am very well known in Southeast Asian countries.

#5. Brown - I’m whole grain, high in fiber and kind of chewy. I can be found both in short and long grain. Healthier than white rice because the bran and germ are not removed.

#6. Glutinous - I’m kind of plump, thick and white. Soak me in water overnight before steaming. I’m sticky and popular for Thai desserts, especially with coconut and ripe mango.

#7.Wild Sweet - Also known as purple. Unrefined ,packed with antioxidant properties and greater heath benefits. It takes very long time to cook. Need to be soaked overnight before simmering. Taste wise, nutty and good source of protein. Used for traditional desserts in Asia countries. In conclusion, different kinds of grains require different amounts of liquid and cooking time. The harder the grain the more time is required to cook in order to meet the tenderness, especially with blended wild and black rice (could take up to 1 hour). Read the instructions on the back of the package for each type and follow the recipe. Adjust to your preference and make notes.

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